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Here we will from time to time give some news feed

for all to understand what is turning in the Company

September the 18th  2020 

The Empire consult are now entering into the last fase of supplying 

Covid19  test kits and other protection equipment.

We worked long to get all into place to get the best products from the best and most stabile suppliers.

We are happy to find us in the position where we can assist the many in getting the best and correct equipment at the best price,

since Empire is core valued with humanitarian corner stones, we cover mainly Our administration costs so the client saves as much as possible.

 September the 15th  2020 


Sergio Ezeikel Gentili has resigned from his post

He has chosen to search new challenges in different area.                            

September the 10th  2020

Juan Francesc Coronatti

has been excluded from the Board after we found news with

the Police in allicante and from the ambassy of Kasakztan

the news showed he has been involved in things

we cant accept in the company.

 August the  28th  2020

Board members that have been excluded or deleted from

this site,has happened for a reason

Enrique Moncada Portillo does no longer hold a position in

the Board neither the Company.

This is due to the reason Enrique moncada has been involved

in Forgery and falsification.

The Empire Consult does not allow any partners nor

empoyees that have not a cleen record, since we work with bigger amounts of money

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