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Empire Consult/Construction/Group 

Is a new branch of many old Companies, we launched 01/01-2020 this new branch. We wanted to connect and unite all the strength from the old companies,

companies from Spain/USA/Denmark, etc. 

We already at this time see the benefit of having all joint under one roof.



  • Integrity and honesty—We do what we say we will do.

  • Accountable and responsible—We achieve results.

  • Motivated and professional—We are problem solvers.

  • Safety and quality—We are constantly focused on production.

  • Continuous learning—We are committed to achieve excellence.


  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Team Management



  • Safety
  • Integrity
  • Quality Craftmanship
  • Community

Empire Group

Integrity and Honesty.

Quality AND Quantity.

Price and good raw materials.

On time delivery every time.

Divisions and Locations

Empire Group                                        Spain and Denmark

Empire Construction                          Spain Ghana and Romania

Empire Consult                                    Denmark and Romania

Empire Research                                 Ghana and Canada

Empire Group is the Head office/Branch that oversees all operations and  handles all project consideration and implementation.

Empire Research conducts all market analysis, SWOT reports, location scouting, commissioning of all relevant project reports including market comparables and demographic breakdowns.

Empire Construction handles all aspects of the building processes from essential infrastructure to final product delivery.

Empire Consult is the Finance Division that of the Empire Group that focuses soley on the financial aspects of all Empire projects. This includes developing long-term relationships with new and existing private investors and lead financial institutions with a view on long-term, above-average returns in emerging markets.

EMPIRE Group firmly believes that involvement from the local communities where are projects are situated is a key factor to the success of all of our projects.

Also we know by experience that the financial aspect is a second keyfactor, and must be handled from the first stage on, in all projects, even if it is a minor task lasting 3 hours to execute.

Our Team Is Ready To Help You Achive Your DREAMS, To Reach Your Vission and Goal, To Connect Right People At All Time, To Make Your Investment Grow.

What  Ever You Search, Contact Us, Maybee You Allready Found It Here.

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