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Dr. Anas Bao

Foreign Affairs Manager

Foreign Affair  Manager

Name          :  Dr. Anas Bao

Nationality:  British Citizen

Speaking   :  English/Spanish high level, Italian beginner level

Education  : 

Position      :  Foreign Affairs Manager

Experience:  26 year Economical Administration and Financial Advicing

Dr. Anas Bao.

Dr Anas Bao is the Director General of the World Organisation of Arbitration and Mediation
providing the highest standards of education and training for International arbitration and Alternate
dispute resolution Further to this Dr Bao spends much of his time assisting corporate institutions and
governments in developing and investing in their personnel around the world.

Dr Bao has attained Masters and Ph.D in Public International Law and served over a decade as
Secretary General of the Arab Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration providing instruction to
Egyptian state council judges as well as Syria and Sudan in the field of International Commercial

With Dr Bao’s unrivalled passion for education within this field he has collaborated and organised
lectures around the world with organisations such as ICC Paris, Dubai,Kuwait,Egypt & Morocco.
Further to this he has designed and delivered bespoke training and education for Cairo and Ain
Shams University, American University in Cairo and many others across the GCC Region.

Dr Bao now resides in Oxford, United Kingdom, and continues as the lead strategist for the
formulation and delivery of education programmes in International Arbitration and ADR from offices
in Oxford and Dubai.


- Communication and listening skills
- Fast learning and getting new skills
- Team work and constructive communication skills.
- Well organized personality
- Management by objectives
- Time management skills, work scheduling, and

    the realization of priorities
- Work under work pressure
- Deal modern technologies and information systems

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