Short biography about the Founder of Empire

The Founder has old roots in construction, actually more than 1250 years in the blood. He comes from a long line of leaders and creators. To mention is the strongest line to the Russian Empire, RURIKID the early foundation of RUSS or as we know it today RUSSIA.His family came from Scandinavia as merchants/traders and found it in their destiny to unite and build Russia's fundament.

Since then his bloodline have build and defended countries and borders all around Europe.

The Family is today also well connected all over the world.

Due to the first Empire RUSS, it was the obvious choise to call the Company Empire, since it has a goal of helping so many around the world, exactly like it all started 1250 years ago.

WorkLife Experience 

Have had business/projects and work in :


Worked as Employee in:


Worked in Areas:

Restaurent/Shop/Grossery/Office/Construction/ Manegment/Supervission/Consulting


Chief in command Royal Imperial Guard.

Humanitarian and Chivalric Orders:

  • OSJ Knights of Malta
  • Imperial Order of Truth
  • Teutonical Knights
  • Order of St. Constantine
  • Knight Templars 
  • Chivalry of St. George
  • Order of St. Anna
  • Order of Zar Ivan VI
  • Order of Merit Rurikovich

Holds several recognitions from all over the world, due to the effort done in Diplomatic and Humanitarian work

Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich

48 years old, married, 5 children.

From the age of  16, I was working in the labor camp. My father, he guided me throught everything I know today. Life also teached me how to do everything, no matter what.

At the age of 22, I had the first job as Managing Director. I always wanted to learn many things, to have the biggest expectations from myself, to feel the pain and the pride also, doing something good, helping other people.

I belive that is always better to be involved in something, even if is hard, than wonder yourself after a while, “what would it have been like?”.
My life was full of challenges. Sometimes I had ups, and sometimes I had downs. It was not easy, but it was worth it!.

If I learnd something from all these experiences is that, if you want to be a fighter, a winner, you can’t give up. Never! The more difficulties you encounter on the way to achieving your dream, the more sweet it will be.

Do you want to know something personal about me? I love coffee, I drink around 10 coffees every day. I like always to work with positive people, to have some fun, good energy and to work hard in the same time. I spent much time in the physsical part of work, this is where the error is found, and the outcome of effort is being seen.

I am best described as active in many areas such as family time, work effort, active studying,humanitarian projects, church life, (just not so much time for exercise).

In my free time, when I have a few moments out from the business area, I want to spend them with wonderful people, filled with joy and happines, friends and family are core factor to my success.

I belive in my dreams. I always end the day with a prayer. I start the day with waking up, being grateful and filled with hope.

I am a businessman and Founder of Empire Group/Consult/Construction and Research.

I have access to key figures in governments of several nations, in circles of businessmen and very high-level organizations.

I speak 6 languages. (English/Swedish/German/Norwegi an/Danish and Spanish)
Yes, I love the life, I love to smile, I love to have dreams and to build. 

This is Simply the best way to describe me.

Looking at what humans accomplised over the last 1000 years, 

I often wonder why we forgot the 

countries that needed us the most?

Empire will set new standards of helping in long term aspects.

Quote: Hans Maximus, Founder of Empire

Most Common words used by the founder:

Why is it not possible?

I am sure it can be done faster!!

Money and Quality lost connection here, my friend!

   University Grades:

  • World Bank: Preparing for 21st century work disruption
  • SGD Academy: Lautado SI
  • SGD Academy: The Post Capitalist Order
  • SGD Academy: Ethics in Action
  • Copenhagen University: SGD Goals

  • University of Napoli: Comparative Justice
  • International Law, Case Western University
  • EU Business Law (Fundemental Business in EU) Lunds University
  • EU Business Law (Doing Business in EU) Lunds University
  • EU Business Law (Compeeting in EU) Lunds University

  • Harvard University X: Pandemic
  • Epedemic Pandemic and Outbreak Pittsburg University

    International Business Institute Berlin

  1. Innovative Management
  2. Change Management
  3. Project Management
  4. Risk Management
  5. Digital Transformation
  6. Design Thinking
  7. International Politics
  8. International Law
  9. Global Governance
  10. Essential Management Skills
  11. Leadership and Team Development
  12. E-economics and International Business
  13. Strategy and operation
  14. Business Management
  15. Innovation Management
  16. Finance and accounting
  17. Human resource Management
  18. Marketing and Communications
  19. Mini MBA
  20. English Exam
  21. German Exam

  Completed educations:

  1.    MBA Micro and Complete in one Class 
  2.    Risk Manager
  3.    Risk and Crisis Manager
  4.    Life Coach
  5.    Forensic Investigator
  6.    Diploma in Advanced Psycology

  WHO valuable Certificates for NGOs and exposed countries.

  1. AAR after action review
  2. Anti-Microbial Stewardship
  3. competency based Learning
  4. COVID-19-IPC-EN
  5. E protect-acute-respiratory-infections
  6. Introduction to GO Data field
  7. introduction-to-ncov
  8. SARI-facilities
  9. severe-acute-respiratory-infection
  10. Standard Precautions Hand Hygiene
  11. UNCT-COVID19-preparedness-and-response
  12. WHO Pre-Deployment pack?
  13. E PROTECT occupational health and safety
  14. influenza-sentinel-surveillance
  15. seasonal-influenza-burden


  1. First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)
  2. How to Manage by Delegating
  3. Influencing behavior in the 21st century
  4. Introduction to Human Rights
  5. Intro to Business Law Entreperneure
  6. Basic Business law • The Complete business plan
  7. Venture Capital
  8. SBCV Disaster Relief
  9. Management of WSH Incidents
  10. Transformational Leadership
  11. Covid19 What you need to know

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