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Patrick James Hinds

Administrative Manager

Administrative Manager

Name          :  Patrick James Hinds

Nationality:  Canadian

Speaking   :  EnglishHigh Level

Education  :  Service and Managment Sector,

Position      :  Adminstrative and Structurel Manager

Experience: 27 year Managing and Structuring experience


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good coordination, leadership and organization skills
  • Creative vision
  • The ability to self-motivate
  • Working under pressure, coordinating a team, adaptability to radical changes
  • Excellent skils in Office Documents, Excell Word etc.

For the past 30 years, Mr. Hinds has proven himself as a successful entrepreneur and independent business consultant in the areas of marketing and promotions, artist management, talent acquisition, artist tour coordination, brand development, corporate strategies and structure, competitive analysis, securities compliance, high-level negotiations, media and public relations, as well as private equity and large-scale institutional fundraising for various projects in the entertainment, hospitality and real estate development industries. He is highly-skilled in international diplomacy, governance, trade and finance, bringing a wealth of knowledge, expertise and an extensive international network of world-class business and finance professionals to our initiatives.

In 2007, Patrick shifted his focus to humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors and has concentrated his efforts on collaborating with individuals and organizations whose initiatives centre on environmental rejuvenation, new-age technologies, self-sustaining community developments, green technologies and innovative economic mechanisms.

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