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Pedro D Martinez

Advicing Manager

Advicing Manager

Name          :  Pedro Martínez

Nationality:  Spanish

Speaking   :  English/Spanish high level, Italian beginner level

Education  : Communication Sciences (UAB), Business Studies (UB),

                         Humanities (UOC).

Position      :  Economic and Advicing Manager

Experience: 30 year consulting experience


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good coordination, leadership and organization skills
  • Creative vision
  • The ability to self-motivate
  • Working under pressure, coordinating a team, adaptability to radical changes
  • Excellent skils in Office Documents, Excell Word etc.
  • Strong connected to several Legal Offices

After a stage of four years in the financial department of the spanish multinational Carburos Matálicos, Mr. Martínez has developed for the past 28 years an extensive career as an entrepreneur and independent business consultant in the areas of marketing, corporate strategies and structure. First in 1992 since its consulting firm Hidalgo & Martínez s.l. in Barcelona, later extended in the beginings of the world wide web to the net communication consultancy with DVLP Projects s.l., and lately from a position as an independent freelance. He has a multidisciplinary background, having university studies in Business Studies, Communication Sciences and Humanities. He is currently pursuing a Master in Nobility and Premial, Heraldry and Genealogy Law at the UNED.

He has focused his theoretical interest in the transition processes, especially in the stage that passes from the business idea and the initial business plan to the practical development and implementation of the company, a critical moment in which most of the initiatives usually fail Due to design errors.

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