Hello, I am Maximus,

The CEO and Founder of EMPIRE Consult.

I have some thoughts regarding 


Empire Consult Have acces to Personal Protection equipment

( Glasses, Face shields, Masks different models and classifications, Test kits, Rubber gloves, testing machinery and training personel)

Everything has been trough governmental quality and classification, and is proven to be following all EU demands, as well as FTA + more.

as stated, we work with the most stablie and the best, this is why we are still arround

All Generations face Crisis Situations, some harder than others, but they have all one thing in common: they make us re-think  who we are,

and what to do to continue from the point in where we stand.

Covid19 is our challenge now. I don't work with conspiration theories or dreams, I work with facts and knowledge.

I have taken studies in the most important things needed for getting through this, and get out safe and healthy (healthy and not depressed).

It takes an effort, both from the civil population as well as the elected people who run the governmental machine, and must be done together.

I have seen people lose homes, work, relationships, and the will to continue. 

But I have also helped many to stay faithfull and believe it will be ok again. As a certified Life Coach I understand the need to restructure dreams

and to reinvent one self.

I will try to give some points bellow.

This is the Future as many people think it will look like

Let me say right away: No Virus is eternal! Construction area have worked shoulder by shoulder under all this, in many countries. I worked with them, and they were not effected in any valuable scale. That tells me, that their immune system is stronger since they keep getting both the needed  coli bacterium and streptococcus bacterium  that is vital for our immune Defence.

Social Distance is always good when people arround you are sick, but when they are healthy, it is vital to build up flock imunity that we are close.

My point is: We need to be carefull and responsible, but also be intelligent and released.

Our Country and the Economy

The Economy is going wrong and seems to not have a stop in the near future.

But why?

I believe the decissions of starting up is not followed by the needed opotunities and funds to make it a good start.

To make it a strong effort against the down going economy, money must be invested in areas that generate strong tax return and workplaces: Construction,Tourism and Production. Must be primary goals. Export is not essential at this time, since the import and export is not open until now. And we don't know when other trading partnering countries are up running again.

We are here and can be helpfull with

Cunsulting/ advices for you,

who may need a fresh imput for a substainable implementation program,

How When and Where,


At the end, If the Population lose faith and trust, Democracy failed big time

The goal is to make the Civil Population HAPPY, feel free, and know after each day they did make a difference in some level of life. So projects could start small, be media covered and let the positive outcome flow online and everywhere, let people dream again, and give them hope for unity, even seperated. Standing together apart become a threat to our lives.

All crisis have consequences and cost lifes, but we always recover. Freedom is the key to our strenght, and acomplishment is the fuel to the machine that makes us move forward.


For using your presious time to read my point of view.

I look forward to see you out there and work with you shortly.


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